Some Tips to Make Your Garden Appear Bigger Thanks to Design Outdoor Furniture


There is no denying the fact that everyone craves to have a bigger garden space. But this might not be possible as a result of a lot of factors which includes finance and the size of the entire property.

Not to worry though, having a bigger land space is not the only way through which you can enlarge your garden space, as garden and camping opinions have suggested that you can make your garden look bigger than it is through the help of garden designs.

How to go about it? Here are a few tips that would show you how to make your garden space look bigger than it really is.

Work with Cool and Light Colours

When you work with light and cool colors, the likes of cool gray, light green, primrose, blue, off-white, soft pink, and soft black on your garden walls and ceilings (if your garden has one), rather than thick and loud colors, it will help to give your garden that open and wide look.

This tip doesn’t only work for your walls and ceilings, but for the flowers and plants in your garden.

Upward Designs

To make your garden space look bigger than it is, you have to work on designing the height of your garden space, and not focus on the length alone. You can achieve this by hanging baskets and pots by the windows, grow plants on the walls, and hang flowers and plants on the fence.

This will help to create a fake height and size, which would make your garden way bigger than it really is.

garden designs

Ditch Tall Trees

Regardless of the fact that tall treeshelp to provide shade, suck up carbon, block strong wind, and the rest, having them will only have your garden space looking all choked up. To avoid that, you have to ditch the tall trees and go for short, small or medium-sized trees. What is the fuss about big trees anyway when you can achieve some of the features with short trees?

Use the Mirror Effect

 The mirror effect entails that you place mirrors in strategic places in the garden. When you place mirrors in strategic places such as your fence, walls, windows, and doorposts, it helps to add an extra dimension to your garden space, and this will make it look bigger.

Resist Cluttering

Having too many things in a small place will no doubt make that space look smaller and cramped. In the same vein, cluttering your garden space with too many things at once won’t help you achieve the extra space effect. Hence, you need to declutter your garden by making space for fewer items. Don’t scatter the items around too, as you only have to focus on some particular areas of the garden.

Divide your garden space

Although it might seem sort of illogical, in the real sense of it, breaking your garden space into mini rooms with the help of plants and bespoke walls will help to give your garden that large feeling.

Do you think you haveto break up walls to make your garden space look bigger? You definitely don’t have to go through all of that stress to achieve the goal. By sticking with the few points mentioned above, you would find out that your garden space will look twice or thrice its original size.