Home improvement and decoration ideas for your living room

Home Design

Decorating your home does not have to be a white elephant project. Considering how tight the economy is in most parts of the world, people are seriously searching for less costly ways to make their homes look good. Here are some decoration ideas that require just little of your time and money.

Use fabrics to decorate your home

Decorating your home with fabrics makes it inviting, comfortable and alluring. Fabrics give your home a soft and homely feel. Imagine how ugly your home’s bareness would be if you had no fabrics there. When choosing fabrics, choose those that match your room’s outlook. Use textures that are largely regal and affluent in appearance. You can go for accent fabrics; they help to make your room more organized. Use beautiful fabrics for your windows, ottomans, table runners, pillows, chairs, etc. You do not have to break the bank before you get beautiful fabrics. You can get accessories like decorative trims to add to your fabrics. Just ensure that everything works together.

Use lampshade

Lighting is a key element in home decorations. Poor lighting can ruin the best of decorations. It is a simple element that makes the greatest impact. You may never know until you try. For instance, if your lampshades were square fabrics, you could change them to smoked fabrics. You will surely notice the change in the pattern and texture of your room. Also, choose the lampshade with the best lining for your interior design. Lamp linings come in two different kinds: blackout and translucent. Lampshades with translucent lining make the light rays from the shaded filter across your room, while blackout linings trap the light in the shade. Before settling for a lampshade, ensure you try out different colours to see which suits your home.

Rearrange your furniture

A cramped room can never feel comfortable or look beautiful. Most people make the mistake of thinking that the room is cramped because the space is small. This is not always true. What you need sometimes is to rearrange the furniture. When rearranging your furniture, ensure it highlights the focal point in your room. Centre your furniture around an area of interest. If you are not sure where to begin, you can sketch out what you have in your head on paper before you start the exercise. Keep in mind that your furniture arrangement must have a combination of great appeal and balance.

Do not forget the floor

This is an important part of the home some people overlook. Your decoration is not complete if the floor of your home does not look appealing. It makes no sense to have beautiful walls and furnishings while walking on cold or rough floors. Get your floors tiled and layered with a soft and plush rug or carpet. You can also go for 3D dimensional floor designs. Do not forget the unwritten but most essential rule of home decoration: everything must work together. There is the option of using carpets as there are many benefits of home carpets that you can enjoy when you use carpets to decorate your home.

Re-design your home

When you find it hard to create the look you want, the solution you need may be to redesign your home. You do not have to spend a lot of money, you just have to use the furnishings you have to create a more beautiful layout for your home. You may need to buy other furnishings, but what you need most is to change the furnishings in each room. For example, you can move the ottoman in your bedroom to your sitting room. You can change the colour of your walls, or get some artworks to frame them. This enhances your creativity also. 

Add more decorative items

There are lots of decorative accessories you can use to spice up your home. You can get some murals or artworks to frame your walls. If you are big on more emotional stuff, you can make your wall a gallery then. You can hang pictures of yourself and your loved ones on the walls. This will give your home a more humanly feel. If you love nature, you can decorate your home with a fresh bouquet. Besides, these little accessories can be great conversation starters.

Add a bookshelf to your home

Another inexpensive but cool way to decorate your home is to place a bookshelf in your home. You can place your books inside the shelf, or just fill it with decorative accents and accessories such as sculptures. If you are decorating it with books, you can colour-coordinate it. The bookshelf will not only help your home look scholarly but also make it cohesive and brighter.